About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis may be a new experience for you and it's only natural to be curious about the process.  You will find Hypnotherapy, at Renewal Hypnotherapy, to be one of the most enjoyable experiences you have had.  You will become supremely relaxed, supremely serene.  It's something you have to experience yourself and it gets you to the level of consciousness where we can help you tap the power of your own subconscious mind.

First of all, Hypnosis is not sleep.  When you are asleep, you are unconscious; however, hypnosis is actually a state of heightened consciousness.  Most people have a sense of being extremely relaxed while listening to the positive suggestions which will be crafted from your interview information.  These suggestions are for your good and are the key element to help you make change.

You will feel very comfortable as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Michael Burney, guides you.  Since he is simply a trained guide, you actually "hypnotize" yourself.

At all times in a hypnotherapy session, you are in total control.  If you have a need to wake fully for a reason, you will become awake.  If any suggestions are made, while in hypnosis, that don't make sense to you, Mr. Burney will give you the opportunity to "pass" and wait for the next suggestion.  All suggestions are specifically designed to help you meet your goals and dreams so you will enjoy accepting these positive suggestions and reaping their benefits.

Captain & The Crew

Think of your conscious mind as the captain of your ship and your subconscious mind as the crew.

Without clear, and regular, direction from the Captain, the crew can begin to function poorly.  In fact, the crew can even pull a mutiny and sabotage the Captain's goals

An example of this kind of sabotage would be panic attacks or anxiety that is not based in the reality of your life today, but may be rooted in some early life experience.

Making change can be difficult for our conscious minds.  That's the state of mind we are in accept when we are asleep.  It's hypnosis that opens the door and allows us (The Captain) to communicate with our subconscious mind (crew) and make that change.

How many people do you know who have been trying to stop smoking CONSCIOUSLY for many years with no success?  In many cases, these same people cease to have those cravings after just 3-4 sessions from a trained Hypnotherapist.