Migraines- Much More Than Headaches

Hypnosis Adds Complementary Relief To Medical Treatment 

Migraines are not simply bad headaches.  Instead, migraine disease is a serious health and disability problem.  More than 32-million people suffer with migraine headaches and three-fourths of them are women.

Most have been seen by multiple doctors and some are labeled "problem patients."  Conventional medicine has no known cure for migraines although some pharmaceuticals can make them more manageable.

When someone has migraine level intensity with localized pain, they are often unable to relax.  Our program complements medical therapies and not only can reduce ethe intensity of a migraine quickly, but can assist in preventing them from coming back.

Hypnotherapy may provide you with welcomed additional relief.  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Michael Burney, will schedule sessions with migraine sufferers only if they have also been under the care of a physician.

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